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Been a While…

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Most may have heard by now, but I figured that I would go ahead and post it. Sometimes it’s hard to see comments wishing Dad a speedy recovery. If only…

Daddy passed away on August 6th, 2012.

Even though he had been diagnosed with a rare, terminal disease, his death was sudden and unexpected. He hadn’t quite hit those “stages” we expected. But God called him home before he had to go through the parts of the disease that scared him the most. Still… We all thought we had more time.

It is now mid-March, 2013 and I’m still going through the grieving process. Just when you think you’re doing okay, a memory will hit… And down we go again. I spent a lot of time curled up in a dark room, wishing it were all a nightmare. That I would have given any and everything to be so exhausted from caring for Dad, just as long as he were back with us. But it doesn’t work like that and eventually we have to crawl out of that darkness.

I went back to work fulltime, working with the same people Dad did before he had to take disability leave. It is a strange, interesting thing… but it feels like a good way of coping and dealing with the massive hole he left in my life.

On the writing front… Several things have gone Out of Print with my previous publisher. I decided to go my own path and will have those available again here soon. My cover artist is doing an AWESOME job with the covers and I can’t wait to show them off.

Thanks so much for your patience for the last few years. I truly appreciate the kind words and support and hope to be back on track in this thing we call life here soon.



**If you’re one of the people waiting on a PO BOX address for signed books… I have decided against that at this time. I will offer signed bookplates as soon as I am able to create them and will mail them out to the address you have given me. I will send you an email when they are ready to be sent. No need to keep emailing me, asking me when… It will happen when it happens. Some of you are more patient than others and for that, I am so VERY thankful.**

3 Responses to Been a While…

  1. robert says:

    it has been close to three years since my dad’s still hurts sometimes…hope it gets better for you. take care of yourself

  2. Bogusia says:

    Take care and keep us updated if you can. Best for You 😀

  3. Andrea M says:

    Just wanted to say thank you for the update. Grief never goes away but it does get better. Sure doesn’t seem that way sometimes, though. My Dad’s been dead for 10 years and sometimes, when I do something I know he’d really like, I feel pride. Then there are those times I do things I know he’d get miffed about and the little girl in me snickers. I guess what I’m saying is that people we love die, but their presence is always with us and we should embrace that as much as possible.

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