So, it’s been a while. I realize that. Too long for some readers, who are perpetuating a rumor that I have just walked away and have abandoned all of my works — in progress and those that are in need of re-publishing.

Just want to say… not true, at all.

Yes, some of the earlier titles have been re-released. Most publishing contracts are for a limited amount of time. Thankfully, mine have all ended and the rights have reverted back to me. It takes time to format them again to get them back up, but it also costs money because the original cover art no longer belongs to me. It’s a mechanical process for me, not an “artful” one. I don’t have to be creative to do that, just follow my guidelines.

As for writing… I have been trying to get back into the groove, but it’s not as easy as some must think. Authors don’t just sit out at the computer and spew random words out onto the screen. It’s a process. And when one has lost that creative focus, it’s a hell of a lot harder than it used to be. At this point, I’m having to go through all of my series notes, the novels, the short stories, etc., just to make sure that I’m headed in the right direction. To get these characters back in my head and talking again. They are, but they’re waiting patiently for me to catch up. :-)

As most of you are aware, my Dad passed away a little over a year ago. In order to try to deal with that extraordinary loss, I threw myself into work outside of the house. Long hours and hard work left me drained. By the time the school system let out for summer break and I got my month off, I was to the point of being unable to get out of bed. I couldn’t walk 10 feet without becoming overwhelmingly exhausted and to the point of just passing out. We knew I had a brain cyst, so we thought the worst, of course.

(Scroll to the bottom until you see “more” for info on that if you wish. I won’t force anyone to read my issues.)

So, yeah. It hasn’t been a fun few years for me guys. I dropped EVERYTHING, yes, to take care of my dying father. I don’t know if some of these people have ever been in that situation, but let me just tell you that any and every bit of creativity I may have once had/felt… was just gone. Utterly and completely gone.

Until now.

I can say that there are currently 110 pages / 40,000 words written in Soul Mates #5. It will be at lease triple that, so it won’t be a short novel. It also won’t be the last in the series.

Other works… I’ll be picking those up as I can as well. Promise. Just be patient as I work through my disease and my limitations. We all have limitations, but most of us don’t have people chomping at the bit for us to get over them and just hurry up already. Or sitting there watching to see if we fail at that whole “comeback” thing. So, nope. Didn’t abandon anything, it’s just taken me this long to get back HERE.


Most may have heard by now, but I figured that I would go ahead and post it. Sometimes it’s hard to see comments wishing Dad a speedy recovery. If only…

Daddy passed away on August 6th, 2012.

Even though he had been diagnosed with a rare, terminal disease, his death was sudden and unexpected. He hadn’t quite hit those “stages” we expected. But God called him home before he had to go through the parts of the disease that scared him the most. Still… We all thought we had more time.

It is now mid-March, 2013 and I’m still going through the grieving process. Just when you think you’re doing okay, a memory will hit… And down we go again. I spent a lot of time curled up in a dark room, wishing it were all a nightmare. That I would have given any and everything to be so exhausted from caring for Dad, just as long as he were back with us. But it doesn’t work like that and eventually we have to crawl out of that darkness.

I went back to work fulltime, working with the same people Dad did before he had to take disability leave. It is a strange, interesting thing… but it feels like a good way of coping and dealing with the massive hole he left in my life.

On the writing front… Several things have gone Out of Print with my previous publisher. I decided to go my own path and will have those available again here soon. My cover artist is doing an AWESOME job with the covers and I can’t wait to show them off.

Thanks so much for your patience for the last few years. I truly appreciate the kind words and support and hope to be back on track in this thing we call life here soon.



**If you’re one of the people waiting on a PO BOX address for signed books… I have decided against that at this time. I will offer signed bookplates as soon as I am able to create them and will mail them out to the address you have given me. I will send you an email when they are ready to be sent. No need to keep emailing me, asking me when… It will happen when it happens. Some of you are more patient than others and for that, I am so VERY thankful.**

It’s taking forever with what’s going on in real life keeping 99.7 % of my attention, but I’m trying to get the site at least partially back online. I used the Wayback Machine to try to make things a little easier/faster…and it has. Except all my links had to be replaced because the Wayback Machine makes them a little funky. So, putting those in by hand.

Book covers, taking a little longer. Other content… just gone.

My 10 minutes is up, I guess. The handbell just rang down the hall, so I’m off to tend to Dad.